Sunday, 1 February 2015

The most entertaining way to have sound vocabulary at your disposal.

If you believe watching movies and reading newspapers improves vocabulary, then is for you.

Hi Everybody,
We are very excited to release and make it available to everyone. This is the only application of it's own kind. It provides the best ways to improve vocabulary with least and most entertaining way.

Logged in user can save their favorite list of words and memorize them at their ease. Some other main features of the application are:

Newspapers Words:

Isn't it great, if one can tell you the most frequently used words in a newspaper everyday. Yes we deliver it to your inbox. Pretty cool huah

Movies Words:

Watching movies and memorizing it's words is the most entertaining way to improve your vocabulary. Something you always wished for .

Words Wave:

Absorb our daily words wave. The list of widely used words in print media, updated everyday. Now that's Awesome isn't it.

Hope you guys will like this. Waiting to get your feedback.